Our founder and current Managing Director, Amrinder Grewal, is highly experienced in the construction industry with over 10 years of expertise in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, engineering, and hospitality. Throughout his career, he noticed that many workplaces lack adequate training for their staff to deal with health and safety issues. That’s why he established Skills Learning, a health and safety compliance training organization, to address the increasing incidents of accidents at work.



At Skills Learning, our aim is to provide world-class tutors to teach every student and ensure that our training meets and exceeds the minimum industry standards. We prioritize our customers’ needs and strive to provide them with a memorable experience from booking to certification and beyond. Therefore, we provide relevant post-course support to help our students achieve their personal development and employment objectives.



We believe our staff embodies and upholds our core values at SL. By employing highly qualified training staff, we address important issues arising within the construction industry. All of our training staff hold relevant industry qualifications and memberships of relevant organizations.



Since 2017, we have trained more than 15,000 students across the UK. Our multiple health and safety courses cater to all types of students, from entry-level to management level, enabling us to make a significant impact in promoting better safety practices in various industries.


Have any questions? Click below to call us now and speak to a staff member. Find out about our training courses, schedules, qualifications and more – alternatively, contact us via email info@skillslearning.co.uk


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